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Launched in 2012, UnionAXS is a membership management platform built to support National and International Unions who were still relying on manually submissions of per capita reports on a monthly basis. Since then, we have added functionality and features that are specific to Union functions and help to ensure that workers are fully supported from job sites to Locals, Regional organizations and up to the National or International level.
The UnionAXS platform is the only cloud based membership managment on the market offering a fully customization suite of features designed by Union administrators for their own use. Having worked with Unions for some time, we understand that each operation is different and UnionAXS is customized to those needs.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts the UnionAXS team has over 50 years of combined software experience. We are proud that our team is 100% US based and has been trained across virtually every software language to ensure we are ready to handle every situation.

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