UnionAXS Features

For Members

UnionAXS features a web based portal for Union Members that is easy to access and navigate from any device. From updating personal information, paying dues, submitting grievances or communicating with Local staff, it is a one stop shop adding value to Membership as well as cutting down on the necessary work to keep records accurate by Local Staff.

For Nationals

UnionAXS helps to standardize and automate everything from per capita reporting, to communications, to a cloud based membership management platform. Over two years, we build and refined the software side by side with some of the largest Labor Unions in the world. Our goal is to build technology solutions that are smart for the full organization.

For Locals

The UnionAXS Locals portal gives staff and business managers everything they need to effectively manage and run their Local. From managing member information, tracking and collecting dues, managing out of work lists and dispatching, training and certifications, grievance tracking, event management and a communication portal, UnionAXS has functionality unrivaled by competitors.

Membership Management

It is a challenge to manage hundreds or thousands of Locals and to standardize the information that they are transmitting on a monthly basis.

UnionAXS was built specifically for Unions to help better manage membership data and the secure transmission of user data to the National or International. The membership database is customization to fit the perimeters of your current membership data and we provide migration services from your old system to new to ensure there are no hurdles.

Features include:

– Custom fields
– Single database of record
– Integration with Locals
– Membership portal
– Communication portal

Per Capita and Dues Reporting

Core to all Unions is the need to properly track and reconcile dues. The UnionAXS financial submission and reporting system brings a customizable and operationally efficient platform to help unite the process from members to locals and reporting up to National or International offices. UnionAXS has worked with Unions of varying sizes and utilizing different systems and helped to standardize the process in one system.

UnionAXS allows for Locals to collect, manage and report dues submission across multiple methods including payroll withdrawal, cash, check or credit whether in person or through the membership portal. Once collected, administrators have the ability to run reports, automate reminders to members who are overdue, change member status based on custom perimeters and send automated and secure payments and reports to National offices on a recurring basis.

Features Include:
– Custom due structures
– Accept all methods of payment
– Membership portal to accept payments
– Complete audit trails and reconciliation
– Full reporting suite
– Automated reminders based on overdue status
– Standard monthly payment submission
– Custom exceptions and structures

Organizing Management

Union Organizing is a key element to Union growth and UnionAXS has build a custom module to support these efforts and to engage prospects utilizing the latest cloud based communication technology on the market. Built as a mobile first technology, Organizers have everything they need at the tips of their finger tips when in the field talking to workers and winning support. Completely integrated into the UnionAXS Union Membership Management Platform, administrators have the ability to report and track on campaign progress, while being able to communicate in the same methods as their Membership.

The organizing module is a one stop shop for Unions to successfully run and track campaigns while communicating with prospects in one place.

Dispatching Portal

UnionAXS’s Union dispatching software allows Locals stay organized with member’s training, classifications, skills and work preferences. Cloud based and secure, the system gives administrators the ability to quickly and efficiently dispatch workers to jobs based on custom preferences. With a single membership database, the information stays up to date and accurate and makes evaluating proper dispatching easy. If a Member takes a certification class, moves classifications or updates location preferences or information, it is all tracked in one place for easy allocation.

Once a job has been identified, UnionAXS’s dispatching software allows for automated phone calls or text messages to be delivered to determine a worker’s availability and tracks all outreach attempts and rejections.

Features Include:
– Automated text messaging, phone calls or emails
– Complete dispatch history per member, job or Local
– Audit train of all communication and preference updates
– Single database allocation
– Custom preferences for Member types, jobs
– Cloud based and secure
– Easy reporting for outreach, rejections, etc

Grievance Tracking

The UnionAXS Grievance Tracking system was created side by side with the largest Labor Unions in the world to help manage the multi faceted process of grievance tracking. As with all modules of our Union membership management platform, the grievance tracking system is cloud based and built on encrypted and secure technology.

Completely customization down to the Local level, UnionAXS has the ability to meet the different requirements of different locals, collective bargaining agreements and state organizations. Administrators have the ability to set reminders, custom alert flags, track specific and necessary steps in the process and report on every stage. Integrated into our membership portal, the need for paperwork is no longer necessary.

Contract Management

UnionAXS has build a custom contract management system focused on meeting the needs of both Local Unions and National offices. Contract negotiations and tracking have a life of their own which is why we created a platform with custom fields, notes, and automated reminders, and a completely searchable database.

Features include:
– Secure and Cloud Based
– Document and Contract Management
– Custom Fields
– Automated Keydate Reminders
– Reporting Portal
– Custom Content and Resource Database
– Template Database

Member Communication

There is no time in history where communication has been more important for Labor Unions. The ability for leaders and administrators to identify specific groups of members in specific areas of the country with specific skills or interests is paramount in organizing political efforts and activating action.

The UnionAXS team has worked for years in industries such as healthcare, education, insurance creating enterprise level communication platforms. Coupling that experience with our passion in progression the Labor Movement has resulted in a communication platform as part of UnionAXS that leverages cutting edge technology and analytics. Our goal is to allow Union leaders and administrators to communicate to any group, on any platform at any time.

Features include:
– Email, SMS, Phone communication
– Custom Templates
– Target Segmentation
– Reporting Suite

Data Reporting

The UnionAXS reporting portal gives administrators the ability to run reports on virtually any segment of the membership, finance, organizing, or communication platforms.