Grievance Tracking Software

The UnionAXS grievance tracking software allows union members, staff, and management to effectively submit, track, report and monitor grievances securely online.

Every Union has a different process for submitting, tracking and processing grievances and UnionAXS has worked with Unions across the country to build a core software that serves the base of all grievance processes. From this core grievance software, we are able to customize the process no matter what the complexity. Through their member portal, Union members can submit their grievances from any device and once submit, can track the progress and be alerted when any changes are made. They can upload supporting documents, insert notes and additional information all to help inform those processing the grievance.

For Union staff, the UnionAXS grievance software effectively organizes all current grievances and also archives closed grievance cases for reporting. With two clicks, you can request more information from the member and upload necessary documents.

Key Features:

  • Cloud Based Access – members and Union staff can access grievance information securely from any device
  • Custom Notes, Updates and Attachments
  • Paperless Office – store all necessary notes and documents

union grievance tracking software;

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