What is UnionAXS?

Membership Management Software For Unions.

UnionAXS is a cloud based membership management software designed specifically for Unions to streamline administrative operations, manage membership data and standardize the transfer of information from Locals to Regions or National offices. No Union operation is the same, so each instance of UnionAXS is custom to needs of the Union and can scale up and down features as necessary.
A cloud based application, UnionAXS is completely compliant and secure with the strictest national security requirements.
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UnionAXS Features

Data Reporting

UnionAXS gives Unions the ability to find the data that they need and when they need it. Our reporting module gives administrators access to everything from member demographics, dues projections, geo-reports and audit trails.


In today’s political climate, it is critical that Unions can properly communicate messages to members. The UnionAXS communication portal gives administrators access to robo-call, text or email whenever and to whatever segment of membership is necessary.

Contract Management

Whether administrators are at the National level looking to understand and view Local contract activity or a Local looking to keep contracts organized, UnionAXS offers a simple solution. Input key information for reporting and uploading ability keeps things organized.


UnionAXS provides Unions with an easy way to manage their organizing activities and member engagement. Designed specifically for organizers, by Union organizers.


Locals can easily track, manage and report on dispatching efforts from one place, based on any set of credentials including training, certifications, time, distance to job and any other custom parameters.

Grievance Tracking

Grievance tracking is a key function of Locals and UnionAXS provides a secure and cloud based solution to help administrators keep organized.

Membership Management

UnionAXS was built to help Unions manage their memberships.


Per Capita Reporting

With automated reporting, locals can report monthly per capita at the click of a button.

Dues Collection

UnionAXS allows locals to take dues in any form and easily track and report.

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What else do we do?

Social Media Strategy

The ability for a Union to effectively communicate messages to a targeted audience is paramount in any sector. UnionAXS has provided social media strategy and management since it’s inception.

Custom Mobile Applications

UnionAXS provides Unions with the ability to build custom mobile applications to help organize, vote, manage members or communicate.

Software Development and Consultation

Our specialty is working with Unions to create software solutions to help modernize how you manage your people, documents, contracts and communication.

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