Contract Management Software

Contracts are a core function of Labor Unions and the ability to properly manage, store, report on and update contracts is critical. UnionAXS has worked with some of the largest Labor Unions in the country and built a cloud based software that addresses specific contract needs.

UnionAXS understands that contracts and CBAs are critical documents for Labor Unions. Having a way to manage these documents in a fast and efficient way is a key function to any organization. With three clicks, staff has the ability to add a new contract, add notes, key dates and other points of information about the documents. With this input of information the software gives approved users access to view and run reports on these contracts.

A cloud based system, UnionAXS stores all contracts and CBAs securely, so you do not have to worry about back ups, security patches or updates.

Key Features:

  • Cloud Based Storage – access contract information from anywhere including your mobile device for when you are in the field
  • Custom Notes, Updates and Attachments
  • Full Reporting Suite – report on anything about the contracts that you have uploaded including revenue, key dates, key personnel and more
  • Preferred Reports – save specific contracts and have them in front of you in just a simple click
  • Reminders– set reminders for specific and key dates for each contract and UnionAXS will email you a reminder.

Union Contract Management Software

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